The W.H.O Is Now A Corporation. Important Facts Revealed! Corporate Psychopaths At Work.

The W.H.O became a Corporation.       

It has financial interests in having member states impose lock downs. It has financial interests in selling medical products. It has financial interests in spreading fear.

The W.H.O can do it without the obligation of medical, scientific, and ethical guidelines!

This is the manipulation of W.H.O public image as a tool to build the fraud of the century.

This new information makes clear why they changed the definition of pandemic in 2009.

German Lawyer Reiner Fuellmich is the leader of a Class Action Lawsuit. He is a hero. He works with his team at Germany’s Extra-Parliamentary Coronavirus Investigative Commission. His background connects with legal action against corporate crimes.

As part of the lawsuit, he and his team are interviewing experts working in several expertise areas. This is common practice in lawsuits, with the goal of identifying the facts.

An interview done by his team reveals especially important facts.

Reiner interviewed Dr. Astrid Stückelberger. She is an international health scientist conducting and directing research. She has been doing and does research from clinical to epidemiological on to science for policymakers.

She has 25 years of experience in the field.

She has a large experience of working and collaborating with W.H.O. Her research was more and more connected with political decisions.

At a certain point, the politicians began to ask her to do events. Then she got involved in public health.

She began to teach international health regulation. It has the goal of preparing countries and member states to prevent a pandemic. The goal is to prepare them to act fast to prevent them.

Then they stopped the funding. She felt this already as a red flag. Further she began to teach this topic at the University of Geneva.

Then there was an even bigger red flag.

W.H.O lawyer Bruce Plotkin came to tell her that she cannot teach this topic. This was a huge red flag. In fact, since 2008 the W.H.0 wanted to implement the international health regulation!

She works in Switzerland and many facts connect to Switzerland.

She says that the NGO GABI, the Global Alliance For Vaccine that has office in Geneva and Washington DC has total immunity in Switzerland! The main founder is Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Total immunity means that there can be no investigation, police cannot do a search. Dr. Stückelberger says she has the papers demonstrating this.

And there is more! There are the following important points.

1. There is an obligation in the W.H.O constitution signed by the member states. This is embedded in the constitution of the W.H.0.

Some member states either are not good in reading the “fine print” of the constitution or they have their interests in place.

In a nutshell, W.H.O member states are bound by whatever rules and restrictions the WHO decides to impose in the name of “public health.”

She says this obligation is binding.

The third edition of the constitution entered in force in 2016. We could not find this third edition and we will keep trying.

Anyway, this changed the structure of W.H.O into that of a Corporation.

The fraud aspect is the use of the public image the population has of W.H.O. People have been trusting the W.H.O for ages.

It is little bit like being a believer, going to church and having priests over time sell you mobile phones. With the difference that those phones are not going to send you to the intensive care.

It would take time before you realize what is going on.

She says that these changes made of Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus in practice the CEO of a corporation. The binding obligation gives him the power of selling vaccines, CPR tests or whatever.

There are two exceptions: the USA and Iran made reservations to that obligation! They are really good in reading fine prints.

We understand from Dr. Stückelberger words this:

The director general can decide to sell vaccines, PCR-tests, whatever in the name of “public health”. He can do that widely under the new definition of “pandemic.”

He can do that and do not care about ethical, medical, clinical and scientific evidence. This explains also why it was possible to sell widely PCR-tests in spite of their dubious scientific validity for clinical diagnosis.

Question: who controls W.H.O adherence to medical, clinical, scientific and ethical guidelines?

Dr. Stückelberger has dealt with ethical topics for all her career. She is a very accredited source.

It is obvious why the red flag came to the surface in the matter of seconds when they told her that she cannot teach exactly what they wanted to develop.

The lawyer made a mistake: he implied there was a cover up going on.

The W.H.O is not anymore a health organization. It is a corporation. A business.

2. The psychopathic megalomania starts here.

Dr. Stückelberger says that Bill Gates requested in 2017 of becoming a MEMBER STATE of W.H.O.

Yes, we are not joking. You are not reading impaired.

Bill Gates would be a “member state” of W.H.O and sit in the executive board. They even went to vote for that!

She says that this was “non-officially” accepted by the W.H.O. This non-official attitude requires more research.

Of course: the smell of the money and the evident impossibility of making of one man a “member state.”

What a terrible conflict!

Anyway, Bill Gates has total immunity in Switzerland. She says that Bill Gates has done contracts with every member state.

She then asks the crucial question: why W.H.O would sign a contract with a country?

This is what a corporation does!

At this stage we checked one country on this one. There is the contract with that country. Next in our investigation we will investigate the contracts allegedly made with many other countries.

Dr. Stückelberger is sure that all the member states signed similar contracts.

3. The taxation part was also taken care of. GAVI has not taxes to pay.

4. They have diplomatic immunity and they do not pay taxes since 2009. Interestingly W.H.O changed the definition of pandemic in 2009!

5. The definition of pandemic was so far:

It is a worldwide disease.

There is an abnormally high number of very sick people

There is an enormously high number of deaths.

6. The new definitions cuts of the last two. The only requirement is that we have a “worldwide disease.”

Next step will be doing research on was the pandemic planned. It will be difficult to prove that. Our Team will continue checking gain of function experiments.

An increasing number of factors indicates more and more that the “prediction” of the pandemic was following one of the most important rules of marketing.

Create a need. Sell the solution.

Member states must break the contracts with the W.H.O. They must create national vaccines and national prevention plans. They must take their destiny in their own hands.

Health issues must be ethical and under the control of national governments, not corporations!

All those who all these years wanted to kiss up to materialistic values now are getting what they were looking for.

The video of the interview below the article. We have the video in our archive.

If YouTube censors the video, we can put it back. Send us a comment if they censor the interview.

The Team

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The most used test for decision making in matters of Covid-19 is the RT-PCR test (Polymerase Chain Reaction). Several legal and scientific instances are questioning the validity of the RT-PCR test. This test is behind questionable political, administrative, and legal decisions. This test has evident fallacies that can justify legal action. One of them lies in the difference between positivity and infectiousness.

Citizens are facing limitations of their freedom on the basis of this test. They are facing collateral damage to their business activities. The finances and mental health of entire families suffer for it.

General Info About The Test

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved it for emergency use. See FDA link below this article. In plain English “emergency use” means that there is not enough sureness of the test’s validity. Therefore, emergency use approval.

Still the test is in use to justify actions limiting freedom. It is in use to justify limitations or closure of business activities. This caused and is causing huge collateral damage.

Difference between positivity and infectiousness.

Positivity and your infectiousness are not the same thing. The fact that a person is positive to the test does not mean the same as being able to infect another person. For this reason, decisions taken by authorities should follow infectiousness, not positivity.

Virus infectiousness is the capacity of viruses of entering the host cell and exploiting its resources to replicate and produce infectious viral particles. Affecting the host cells is the precondition for defining infectiousness!

The RT-PCR test detects the presence of the genetic material of the virus. It does not detect the degree of your infectiousness. The test detects the viral genetic material in “cycles”. The number of the cycles is called CT-value. The detection of the genetic material happens by detection of a fluorescent signal. This works by repeated cycles. Most RT-PCR tests use Ct cutoffs of 35-40 cycles. Any sample with a Ct value below the cutoff would be a positive. These even changes basing on the manufacturer!

The FDA emergency approval limits the test to reporting only positive/negative results. This is a big problem from the legal point of view. The CT cycles have an inverse correlation with the amount of virus material. The lower the value the higher the presence of the virus material.

“Positivity” has different meanings depending on the number of cycles needed to detect the amount of viral material in your case.

Most RT-PCR tests use Ct cutoffs of 35-40 cycles. At Ct value below the cutoff, you would hear this:

“Sir/Madame you are positive to the test. You need to enter quarantine” or “Sir/Madame you are positive to the test you need to shut off your business.” An entire residential area can face closure. You can get stuck in a foreign country while traveling.

We are talking here of serious interference with citizens’ legal and human rights.

This is a huge problem because:

1. The reliability of the test changes with the CT-value. Values below 24 – 20 tells that the virus genetic material is in the sample in greater quantities. Values above that begin to be unreliable even regarding the amount of material.

2. The results do not say anything on how you might infect other people. This is because: The only reliable way for detecting virus infectiousness is using cell cultures. The method is by using so called experimental cells (Vero cells).

In a study ninety positive samples were in incubation with experimental cells. Only twenty-six samples (28.9%) demonstrated viral growth. See link below.

Basing on this research all the others faced administrative decisions only based on being “positive” to the test.

In a word: the PCR-test permits the psychological manipulation of citizens (and governments as well)

This happens by cognitive dissonance.

“Sir/Madame you have the virus in your sample you are infectious to other people!”

For this reason:

1. If you tested positive ask in written and if necessary, by the help of a lawyer your laboratory CT value.

2. Ask in written explanations of how you were infectious as per medical evaluation! In the case you were without symptoms. In the case you were object of restrictions affecting your freedom. In the case it affected your business in a damaging way. The testing only is not enough.

The Team

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Covid-19 Unlawful Deprivation Of Freedom. Court Decision. Illegal Medical Practice.

Depriving an individual of freedom is a crime in the law of all democratic countries.

“Habeas corpus” is a recourse in law. Through that a person can report an unlawful detention or imprisonment to a court.

The practice of medicine without a license is a crime. It is important to understand that diagnosing a disease is medical practice.

This is even more true when the diagnosis has medico-legal consequences for a citizen.

Only doctors can diagnose diseases. Law sets limits to doctors, too. A doctor cannot diagnose a diseases without proper examination and proper testing.
Portugal is a country member of the EU.

A Portuguese Court in Habeas Corpus case – PROCESSO N.º 1783/20.7T8PDL.L1-3 – ruled the limits of covid PCR testing,

It also ruled the legal limits of restriction of freedom and medical practice. (Process in Portuguese is judicial process, court case)

The facts: four persons arrived from Germany 08/01/2020 to the Island of São Miguel. All the four persons were resident in Germany. At arrival they presented negative Covid19 test. 08/07/2020 they got tested again. 08/08/2020 one of the applicants came out as positive in the test. This applicant moved to another facility.

Then there was a decision for quarantine from health authorities. Basing on Court paper the four persons after two weeks in quarantine showed no symptoms. The four persons rescheduled their flights. 08/24/2020 the same person tested again positive. The staff of the hotel told them that all the four of them must remain in their rooms. You can read more about the facts in the court case report, available online.

The Court decided of granting no appeal and demanded the immediate release of the four people.

In this Court decision there are several important statements. They outline important facts about the PCR-test and about medical practice.

These are:

Prescription and diagnosis are medical acts, under the exclusive responsibility of a doctor. registered in the Order of Doctors.

Law, Resolution, Decree, Regulation or any other normative way cannot prescribe diagnostic methods.

They cannot diagnose the existence of disease. These acts are under Portugal’s legal system an exclusive competence of a doctor. Informed consent is obligatory. ‘

These are rules in force more or less in all free democratic countries. Not only Portugal.

About PCR test the Court outlines:

PCR-test is unable to determine, beyond reasonable doubt, that positivity corresponds to infection.

Because the reliability depend on the number of cycles that make up the test. For this reliability depend on the amount of viral load present.

In our opinion: this Court decision is a precedent for legal action from all those who faced similar events.

The Court mentions as scientific background this article published in Lancet.

False-positive COVID-19 results: hidden problems and costs

In our opinion those whose freedom faces restriction on the basis of:

1. Only the PCR test

2. Without a proper medical examination

3. Without a doctor’s clinical evaluation of the existence of infection (not only positivity!)

Can start legal action against the improper decisions made for restricting their freedom.

Link to Court decision:

Link to raw English translation.

The Team

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

Covid-19 Outbreak Investigation. Basic Questions.

This is an introductory article to our further investigations. A few basic questions.

There are several serious reasons for investigating the outbreak of the Covid-19.

The aim is to identify possible legal responsibilities. Here we will outline the basics of why the investigation.

First of all a few definitions:

A theory is a mere theory till not validated by the facts.

The goal here is to investigate the facts.

We will not publish anything not corroborated by real events, valid research, facts.

So far we have 3 hypothesis:

1. The virus was a natural event, a transmission of the virus from animals to humans or other similar event.

2. The virus was a human made variant. The variant began to infect humans as a result of an accident.

3. The virus was a human made variant. The variant spread as part of a plan for achieving financial and/or military goals.

All the hypothesis include legal and criminal responsibilities.

The less severe hypothesis includes civil responsibilities.

The most severe hypothesis is: genocide.

A few examples:

Did a violation of basic human rights happen during the outbreak of the pandemic?

Was the constitution of different countries violated while managing the pandemic.

Was there an attempt to manipulate scientific data.

Was there an attempt to manipulate the political scenario by the means of “never waste a crisis?”

If so was that done in the interest of citizens or did it serve financial and political purposes.


All the organizations, individuals who mentioned a pandemic before the outbreak itself are potential suspects.

They are potential suspects in particular if they were able to publish solid data on the pandemic in advance.

Stay tuned!

The Investigation Team.

Crimes Against Citizens

The purpose of an investigation is to detect the facts. An investigation derives from the assumption that a crime has taken place.

As new knowledge arises the investigation either confirms the facts or discards them.

Here we will first describe certain assumptions. Then, over time, we will investigate the facts.

Assumption: in the so called “developed” countries traditional political forces do not exists anymore.

As Warren Buffet himself admitted there is, yes, a social class war going on. This social class war has only two “parties.” These are the financial and political establishment and the average citizen.

In several countries citizens faces more and more crimes against their own interests and safety. The citizens face attempts to take away their rights and their freedom.

The crimes origin from an attempt to achieve financial power in a criminal way. Recent financial crisis are criminal activities. They are an attempt to get power over nations, businesses and individuals by criminal means.

The means used to get that power are:

Stealing Identity.
Selective Warfare.

There is a public propaganda attempting to create more and more democracy. The real goal behind is to establish a financial dictatorship. The dictatorship bases itself on the absence of any value, other than the materialistic ones.

The citizen exists in it only as an instrument. The citizen is in the new vision of the world an inanimate object with only a financial and mechanical purpose.

In public the establishment acts “for the citizens” and for “human rights.” It does that by hiding behind corrupted politicians. Behind the curtains it acts with the goal of taking away from citizens all their rights. It tends to even steal from citizens their identity.

They pretend to work for the citizens. They work for their interest, behind the curtains. The plan is to enslave the population to the will of bigger interests.

This process has always existed. It only became recently much more brutal and much less “hidden.” There it is an attempt to create a world-wide financial dictatorial system.

This is a war on identity. This war happens by psychological manipulative means. It tends to steal the identity of whole nations and individuals. Those who do not follow the manipulation face selective military warfare. It is also a cheap kind of war.

The tools used for the manipulation:

IT systems and internet: their goal is to capture the mind of their users. Ownership over those system gives the chance of manipulating them to obey the will of the system.

Social Media: by “TOS” (terms of service) and “Editorial Guidelines” they manipulate users. They steal their identity. They force them to conform to the “culture” the establishment wants.

Corrupted politicians, who sell entire nations to the financial interests. The interests of corrupted financial institutions and businesses.

This has been lasting for long. The process indicates something close to a system like the former Soviet Union.

A “technological” and “financial” Soviet Union.

The recent ban from social media of US President Donald Trump brought this to the light. Financial institutions and businesses are getting power over governments. They do so with the help of corrupted politicians.

Businesses and financial institutions interfered with that. The first one was an alleged attempt to instigate a coup. The second one was the same thing: an attempt to influence Government decisions. It attempted to take away from Government institutional power.

We can wonder which one of the two was more of an attempted coup. The second one looked more as a successful coup, other than “attempted.”

Anyway, this is the content.

The process is an attempt to demolish individual and national identity. The goal of the process is the achievement of financial interests.

These are crimes against the average citizen, against citizen’s safety and survival. The average citizen’s interest and safety are behind governments.

Our Team will work to expose these crimes and bring the responsible to justice. It starts now.

We citizens must stop this before it gets too far.

The Investigation Team.