Biodefense, BioDisaster or BioWarfare? W.H.O Wuhan Investigation Team Has ZERO Credibility.

When this story of the Covid-19 began our first thought was:

“Chinese? Hmm… for sure there is some American involvement. We do not believe it’s only about the Chinese.”

Now everybody knows that EcoHealth Alliance financed Wuhan laboratory. EcoHealth Alliance was itself financed by several organizations, NIH, NIAD and… including the military.

In Wuhan laboratory took place dangerous gain of function experiments!

EcoHealth Alliance’s president Peter Dazak has been a member of W.H.O Wuhan investigative team!

His participation to the W.H.O investigative team is highly questionable at an extreme.

The investigation results are questionable.

It’s like sending an alleged suspect to investigate the scene of the crime!

Wuhan laboratory has a long, long history of cooperation between the U.S. and China.

Globalism is amazing.

EcoHealth Alliance has been for years the company funding Wuhan laboratory!

Recently the U.S. Department of State has expressed skepticism about the “investigation.”

The members of the WHO team told reporters that the virus likely “came from animals.”

Peter Dazak responded on Twitter:

And questioned U.S. intelligence.

It does not come as a surprise that Peter Dazak did several donations to Hilary Clinton, as below:

There is plenty of stuff to investigate and investigations are coming!

In fact this year Congressman Guy Reschenthaler introduced a bill to defund EcoHealth Alliance. He is a Republican, lawyer and Navy veteran. (link below the article)

He announced it to FoxNews and on Facebook.

The problem about Wuhan Laboratory is that there are military connections on both sides.

It has to do with BioDefense.

BioDefense – sad to say – can change into BioWarfare at the drop of a hat. It all depends on what are the goals.

It can change into BioWarfare as an accident. Or it can change with a clear goal in mind.

In fact, EcoHealth Alliance’s part of the funding came, surprise, surprise, from the:

Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DOD).

It is an agency within the United States Department of Defense and is the official Combat Support Agency for countering weapons of mass destruction.

The Funding:

In 2014 there was a petition signed by hundreds of scientists.

The Cambridge Working Group Consensus Statement on the Creation of Potential Pandemic Pathogens. (link below this article)

From the statement:

“Experiments involving the creation of potential pandemic pathogens should be curtailed until there has been a quantitative, objective and credible assessment of the risks, potential benefits, and opportunities for risk mitigation, as well as comparison against safer experimental approaches.

As a result of the expressed concern Obama administration imposed a partial ban. They lifted the ban in 2017.

The funding of gain-of-function research continued overseas at the Wuhan lab. This continued via the EcoHealth Alliance.

Maybe someone evaluated that Chinese are more fit and resist better to laboratory accidents. So they moved the whole show there.

In a 2017 research paper Wuhan researchers showed how they can change a coronavirus. How they can bind their man-made virus to the human ACE2-expressing cells.

From the research paper:

“Construction of recombinant viruses. Recombinant viruses with the S gene of the novel bat SARSr-CoVs and the backbone of the infectious clone of SARSr-CoV WIV1 were constructed using the reverse genetic system described previously .”

And again from the abstract:

Cell entry studies demonstrated that three newly identified SARSr-CoVs with different S protein sequences are all able to use human ACE2 as the receptor, further exhibiting the close relationship between strains in this cave and SARS-CoV. This work provides new insights into the origin and evolution of SARS-CoV and highlights the necessity of preparedness for future emergence of SARS-like diseases.

The “door of entrance” of Covid-19 in human body is the ACE-2 Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2. It is an enzyme attached to the membranes of cells.

It is in human lungs, arteries, heart, kidney, and intestines. It is the main entrance for the Covid-19 into human body. When Covid-19 enters your body to destroy it does that through the ACE-2 receptor.

The Chinese Communist Party runs the Wuhan Institute of Virology. It manages the Biosafety Level IV (BSL-4) laboratory. In the fall of 2019, the Chinese Communist Party put Major General Chen Wei in charge of the WIV. He is China’s top BioWarfare expert

EcoHealth Alliance member of W.H.O Wuhan investigative group?

Telling us how virus originated by bats?

Give us a break!

Better to say that the virus originated by bats and was manipulated in a lab in Wuhan.

That is more correct.

Military on both sides involved in preventing pandemics caused by viruses? The goal is to be respected but..

Did BioDefense change into “BioDisaster” or … BioWarfare?

How far Globalism can go to expand it’s power?

Investigation goes on.

The Team

Cambridge Working Group Consensus Statement on the Creation of Potential Pandemic Pathogens (PPPs)

2017 Wuhan Laboratory Research. ACE-2 Receptor.

Bill To Defund EcoHealth Alliance

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