Covid-19 Outbreak Investigation. Basic Questions.

This is an introductory article to our further investigations. A few basic questions.

There are several serious reasons for investigating the outbreak of the Covid-19.

The aim is to identify possible legal responsibilities. Here we will outline the basics of why the investigation.

First of all a few definitions:

A theory is a mere theory till not validated by the facts.

The goal here is to investigate the facts.

We will not publish anything not corroborated by real events, valid research, facts.

So far we have 3 hypothesis:

1. The virus was a natural event, a transmission of the virus from animals to humans or other similar event.

2. The virus was a human made variant. The variant began to infect humans as a result of an accident.

3. The virus was a human made variant. The variant spread as part of a plan for achieving financial and/or military goals.

All the hypothesis include legal and criminal responsibilities.

The less severe hypothesis includes civil responsibilities.

The most severe hypothesis is: genocide.

A few examples:

Did a violation of basic human rights happen during the outbreak of the pandemic?

Was the constitution of different countries violated while managing the pandemic.

Was there an attempt to manipulate scientific data.

Was there an attempt to manipulate the political scenario by the means of “never waste a crisis?”

If so was that done in the interest of citizens or did it serve financial and political purposes.


All the organizations, individuals who mentioned a pandemic before the outbreak itself are potential suspects.

They are potential suspects in particular if they were able to publish solid data on the pandemic in advance.

Stay tuned!

The Investigation Team.

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