Crimes Against Citizens

The purpose of an investigation is to detect the facts. An investigation derives from the assumption that a crime has taken place.

As new knowledge arises the investigation either confirms the facts or discards them.

Here we will first describe certain assumptions. Then, over time, we will investigate the facts.

Assumption: in the so called “developed” countries traditional political forces do not exists anymore.

As Warren Buffet himself admitted there is, yes, a social class war going on. This social class war has only two “parties.” These are the financial and political establishment and the average citizen.

In several countries citizens faces more and more crimes against their own interests and safety. The citizens face attempts to take away their rights and their freedom.

The crimes origin from an attempt to achieve financial power in a criminal way. Recent financial crisis are criminal activities. They are an attempt to get power over nations, businesses and individuals by criminal means.

The means used to get that power are:

Stealing Identity.
Selective Warfare.

There is a public propaganda attempting to create more and more democracy. The real goal behind is to establish a financial dictatorship. The dictatorship bases itself on the absence of any value, other than the materialistic ones.

The citizen exists in it only as an instrument. The citizen is in the new vision of the world an inanimate object with only a financial and mechanical purpose.

In public the establishment acts “for the citizens” and for “human rights.” It does that by hiding behind corrupted politicians. Behind the curtains it acts with the goal of taking away from citizens all their rights. It tends to even steal from citizens their identity.

They pretend to work for the citizens. They work for their interest, behind the curtains. The plan is to enslave the population to the will of bigger interests.

This process has always existed. It only became recently much more brutal and much less “hidden.” There it is an attempt to create a world-wide financial dictatorial system.

This is a war on identity. This war happens by psychological manipulative means. It tends to steal the identity of whole nations and individuals. Those who do not follow the manipulation face selective military warfare. It is also a cheap kind of war.

The tools used for the manipulation:

IT systems and internet: their goal is to capture the mind of their users. Ownership over those system gives the chance of manipulating them to obey the will of the system.

Social Media: by “TOS” (terms of service) and “Editorial Guidelines” they manipulate users. They steal their identity. They force them to conform to the “culture” the establishment wants.

Corrupted politicians, who sell entire nations to the financial interests. The interests of corrupted financial institutions and businesses.

This has been lasting for long. The process indicates something close to a system like the former Soviet Union.

A “technological” and “financial” Soviet Union.

The recent ban from social media of US President Donald Trump brought this to the light. Financial institutions and businesses are getting power over governments. They do so with the help of corrupted politicians.

Businesses and financial institutions interfered with that. The first one was an alleged attempt to instigate a coup. The second one was the same thing: an attempt to influence Government decisions. It attempted to take away from Government institutional power.

We can wonder which one of the two was more of an attempted coup. The second one looked more as a successful coup, other than “attempted.”

Anyway, this is the content.

The process is an attempt to demolish individual and national identity. The goal of the process is the achievement of financial interests.

These are crimes against the average citizen, against citizen’s safety and survival. The average citizen’s interest and safety are behind governments.

Our Team will work to expose these crimes and bring the responsible to justice. It starts now.

We citizens must stop this before it gets too far.

The Investigation Team.

1 thought on “Crimes Against Citizens

  1. I would like to comment and add some thoughts, additional facts if you will, which confirms the assumptions put forth in this interesting article.
    The real goal behind is to establish a financial dictatorship. The dictatorship bases itself on the absence of any value, other than the materialistic ones.
    As a consequence of this we see how people behave, i.e. not in a cooperative way, in egoistic and self-utilitarian way; in such way it is as if the criminal corrupted behaviour at the top has trickled down and affected ordinary people; the image that comes to mind is that of the Costa Concordia ship that was sinking, the captain Schettino was one of the first to abandon ship, giving a bad example to the rest of the people; this provokes chaos and in the air there is a “every man for himself” attitude, amidst the chaos.
    Nowadays I see this happening at the workplace, these are chaotic times where the top management is not able to provide a safe and fulfilling work environments; unsatisfaction grows following closure of “expensive R&D” European centers, replaced by cheap Indian and Chinese labor armies. This is because the only aim of companies today is the “God Profit”, to which everything can be sacrificed.
    The company repeats to its employees the mantra of todays political correctness and so in fashion: “inclusion, diversity, celebrate our black people”. The companies fill their vocabulary with beautiful but empty words, exactly like our politicians.
    In my view this is one of the tactics that the established financial power uses for keeping the power; by keeping us afraid of loosing the job, their aim is to gradually eliminate the rights of the working class world-wide, to establish a “new world order”, which favors the already few rich and enslaves the masses.
    This is not new and the process was accelerated by the fall of the Berlin wall; until that moment there was a certain equilibrium between 2 completely different views of the world, and this meant more democracy than today, because you can have democracy when you have at least 2 different views and opinions on how things should be. Nowadays the world is all orientated to think in a single way, thus it is more similar to a dictatorship; all the alternative voices are quickly silenced by labeling them with negative attributes “fascist, negazionist, etc”.
    The citizen exists in it only as an instrument. The citizen is in the new vision of the world an inanimate object with only a financial and mechanical purpose.
    I can feel this on my skin; the establishment with the Covid pandemic excuse, wants to force us apart, to stay at home, to just eat, sleep and do the small amount of “smart work” that keeps our multinational companies fed just enough to realize a profit.
    They aim to keep us distanced and isolated, this is one way to combat any attempts at re-organizing a counter revolution; when the established power feel that it is loosing consensus, it reacts violently, because this is the only undemocratic weapon that they have left. With the Covid pandemic they are not interested in keeping as much people as possible as healthy and happy; their aim is exactly the opposite, they want to keep us “afraid and isolated”, because this is one way they can keep and extend their power. In the process they even can further accelerate their diabolic agenda of destroying the small private businesses which are a competitor to the big multinationals like Amazon which tend to penetrate and control all aspects of our lifes, vivid example is their attempt in this pandemic to take over the business of food delivery.
    The plan is to enslave the population to the will of bigger interests.
    Exactly this is their aim, and as said they use any means available to them, the current pandemic is just one example.
    Corrupted politicians, who sell entire nations to the financial interests
    This is in plain view for all to see by now, the only reason that most people still don’t understand that this is what is happening before their eyes, is that the elite owns the mass communication media and with it they have the power to manipulate the minds of million into believing a lie, in fostering a culture of chaos and disorder, contributing to the current mental sickness of the majority of the population.
    In the meantime the establishment, behind the scenes, is eroding our rights, the rights established from the Constitution. For an example see what happened and what’s happening in my own country Italy, the Constitution is being eroded by the so called “reforms”, which they make us believe are “necessary” because requested for the functioning of the economic system; yes, this is true, they are necessary to make the current economic system to work, where private banks control all the economy and as consequence the political life of entire nations. For a really good understanding of this phenomenon see the book “Death of the Republic” by Marco Mori, or “The European matrix” by Francesco Amodeo.
    This has been lasting for long. The process indicates something close to a system like the former Soviet Union.
    I would argue that this system is worse than the Soviet Union, which first of all was born with good intentions, i.e. the rule by the working class. My wife is of a Russian family and they told me that during the Soviet era they didn’t have a bad life, they had guaranteed vacation, they had social rights, and the state was providing for all; the negative thing is that it tended to make people lazy, with no incentive to make things better. It was also a kind of dictatorship, on the opposite side of the spectrum, i.e. “make all equally poor” vs the system of today “make very few rich and keep the majority dreaming to become richer”. The difference is that today we are more anxious and busy to the problem of surviving, because we need to be “competitive”, i.e. we are playing in a battlefield where “every man is for himself”, as opposed to the Soviet system of “everybody equal with no incentives”. At least in the Soviet Union people were not trying to cheat and fight against each other, I think there was more solidarity between them.
    An example of this “modus vivendi” is in the quality of our working life; we are constantly put under pressure to “deliver on time”, and especially in the field where I work, in IT software engineering, the pressure is on to compete ferociously with the only aim of reaching financial profits. The business talks a language which is so far off from the engineering world. I would say that these 2 worlds are incompatible because one is purely materialistic while the other one is more spiritual, i.e. the software engineering is a thought and mental process which requires deep thoughts, understanding and collaboration; it cannot work well under pressure. The business think that this is a dumb manual typing work, that productivity is measured by the number of lines of code typed; this cannot be further from the truth. And that’s why the management thinks of relocating 1 high cost European engineer to 10 low cost Indian engineers; their calculation is purely financial and based on a believe of production that takes into account employees like mechanical little robots repeating predictable tasks.
    This is not a fulfilling work environment; for a completely opposite model, where collaboration and personal satisfaction is paramount for the success of the project, take for example the Olivetti social business model, or the team that worked on the Apollo mission; the Apollo guidance computer is an example of engineering marvel put together by a team of brilliant engineers which had to collaborate closely for the success of the mission. And there was no concern about costs, do you know how much the project costed? It was 25 billion $ at the time, which is equivalent to over 150 billion $ of today. This was only possible because it was supported by a strong sovereign State, by a State institution, NASA (NAtional Space Agency) and with the blessing of a great American president like J.F.Kennedy. The main goal was not the profit, but the human achievement, it was more of an endevour of the human spirit rather than for materialistic gains.
    Imagine if at that time they had one team in India responsible for controlling the radio communication, another in US to control the engine, collaboration would be slowed down by the physical and not to mention the cultural barriers. Nowadays this is the preferred way of developing more and more complex systems, and no wonder that the tools used for this are no better than those which started 50 years ago.
    And this is all because there is not a social framework that protects the well being of workers, i.e. the reaction to the death of the Soviet Union is that we passed from one extreme to the other, from power to the working class to power to the private few capitalist owners. This is all very dangerous, extremes bring nothing good and the history seems to be talking to deaf ears.
    We citizens must stop this before it gets too far.
    I agree perfectly, and first of all a battle to fight is on a cultural level. A counter culture is that of cooperation against competition. Don’t get fooled, the established financial power know this very well, they cooperate and coordinate their efforts to keep the power, at the same time instilling in us the “competitive culture” of non-cooperation, that keeps their enemy at bay with deception.
    A final word of hope: we are not the first and not the last of citizens who understand the current situation, which are “awake in front of the truth of the naked king”, see for example in Italy what the alternative movements and parties are attempting to do, from people like Mauro Scardovelli, Diego Fusaro, Marco Mori, Francesco Toscano and Francesco Amodeo. I think that these people are today at the forefront of the fight and their battle is our battle too.


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