Forced & Manipulative Experimental Vaccination In Israel. Israeli Law Firm Files A Lawsuit At Hague International Criminal Court.

The law firm, A. Suchovolsky & Co did that on behalf of Anshei Emet (People of Truth). This is a group of doctors, lawyers, and activists.

Subject of complain is the violation of Nuremberg Code by the Government of Israel. For historical reasons this is a serious topic in Israel.

Subject matter of the lawsuit: the mRNA treatment for Covid-19 is not a traditional vaccine. It is experimental. There is no full FDA approval. It has at least 22 side effects. All immunizations before operated in a different way. This was by the introduction of a deactivated virus. The virus induced natural arousal of immunity. There is not enough scientific evidence about the safety of the new method.

Main points of the lawsuit:

  • It violated the principle of informed consent stated in Nuremberg code.
  • Israel Government did a separate agreement with Pfizer. The agreement was not transparent. The law suit claims that Israeli citizens allegedly served as object of experiment.
  • Allegedly the Israeli Government delivered citizens’ medical and personal information without consent.
  • Failure to give Israeli citizens the right for information about alternative treatments. Failure to respect the right to choose among them.
  • Lawsuit claims that the treatment caused the death of many, injury and severe damage. They report a rate of 41% of subject injured.
  • Experiment is not allowed when there is reason to assume that death or injury may occur.
  • The experiment must be stopped if death or injury occurs.

Several media report that Hague International Criminal Court has no jurisdiction on Israel. This is probably true. We do not believe this is enough of an argument.

Israel does have own informed consent laws.

Kol-Zchut (All Rights) an Israeli non-profit organization describes well Israeli informed consent law. Israeli local law is called the Patients’ Rights Law. There are exceptions to this law. More in the link below the article.

We cannot find in the list of exceptions anything connected with Covid-19 vaccination.

In the law is noted that: ” If the care provider imposed medical treatment on the patient, performed medical treatment without patient consent, or performed medical treatment with patient consent but without disclosing relevant information regarding the patient’s medical condition or the proposed treatment, the patient may sue the care provider and medical facility where the treatment was provided for damages (a claim for monetary compensation). “

We assume the lawsuit will confront what happened not only at Hague but also at the level of local Israeli law. We would be surprised if not.

Link To Lawsuit:

Kol-Zchut (All Rights), link to Israeli law of informed consent:

Israeli Law Of Informed Consent

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