How You Fight The” Great Reset” And Why You Should. Practical Advice

Why you should fight the so called “Great Reset”? Simple: it is an attempt to own you and your business.

Corporations and governments are using the Covid pandemic to force changes. These are against the most vital interest of small and medium businesses. They are against the interests of many individual citizens as well.

They market it as something that will make you happy. It is in reality a sneaky, manipulative move to take total control over you. It tends to control your finances, your business and your properties.

“You will own nothing and be happy” is for gullible idiots. For those who are under the control of the official media’s propaganda.


These self-centered individuals believe that they can define what should be your happiness!

Can anyone be more arrogant than that?

They have a good reason for being that arrogant! They know how many of you spineless and lazy millennials do not have any more an identity of their own. You are being hypnotized as total idiots. That they do by “giving you rights” and “freedom.” That way they steal from you control over your own life and business.

To fight the so called “Great Reset” get an identity of your own! If you are letting this nonsense manipulate you, you do not have one!

The War Going On

First of all realize that this is a war. A war fought by cowards by coward means. You have very little to fear. The only thing you must fear is yourself. You must fear yourself if you are a lazy and brainless idiot. You must fear your lack of understanding of what is manipulation.

To fight the reset understand this: the so called “covid pandemic” is being used as a tool. By this tool corrupted governments and corporations get power on you. They depriving you of financial and individual control.

You do not need to stop the virus.

You need to identify and destroy what links the pandemic to other changes not connected with it. Whatever non connected change is a threat to you and your safety. This is because manipulation can never bring good to you and your business.

Politics And Political Parties.

Realize that political parties do not exist anymore as such. They only exist in those countries who maintained national control. Otherwise they are entities without any political effect on you and your business.

This did not begin today. It has been so already for long. It only escalated to intolerable levels now. The exploitation of Covid pandemic only brought it to the light in a clear way.

This is not because you would be smart.

It is because politicians and the corporations behind do not even bother to hide it anymore.

Even if you vote for a political party, they will create a technocratic government. You would have only wasted your time. You must defend your interests at your individual level yourself.

So far governments were giving a small assurance of safety and freedom. The governments sold that to financial institutions and corporations. They are themselves the slaves of those financial institutions and corporations.

You can fight the so called “Great Reset” only on the individual level and as an alternative group.

The truth: a pandemic kills people. They treat people. The pandemic ends.

Whatever is going beyond that you must fight with the greatest determination!

For example: when law enforcement requires you to show that you are healthy that is okay. If they build a system connected with that by using your credit card as a medium that is not okay.

You must drop the financial institution trying that without a second thought. Your health and your privacy are not anyone else business!

Be A Connector Create Alternative Groups.

Create alternative movements and connect them to each other. This was the way followed by the Solidarnosc movement, in Poland, led by Lech Walesa. It managed to over time win over the Soviet Regime in 1989.

They had against them an armed and powerful force of occupation.

You have in front of you a bunch of cowards manipulating a “virus pandemic.” They are hiding behind the table of their company boards. You compare.

During the French Revolution revolutionaries called each other “citizens.” You can compare the actual process to the French revolution. Citizens put down by a ruling class. Only difference with the French revolution is: it happens on a global scale!

Terms like “conservatives” or “democrats” or “right-wing” or “left-wing” make no sense anymore.

Here, like during the French revolution, we have one social class trying to put down another class. The process is inverse but similar. An existing class is trying to change history and make of you a slave!

Avoid Dependency Of Any Kind.

One of the ways the so called “Great Reset” uses to enslave you is creating dependency in you. Then they try to use it to control you.

Each time someone “gives you” something, it also arrogates the right of controlling you.

If you run a 1 million business so that no one can control you, you are much richer and immune from the “Great Reset.” If you have a 10 million business and many instances – other than you – can control you, you are poor.

A great example of this are ESG Standards. This is also referred to as “sustainable capitalism” or “stakeholder capitalism.” This is a system assigning scores to company on matters as social justice or environment.

Nothing against those ideals if this would not be a manipulative move. It is the same tool Big Tech uses to control their customers!

These are like “editorial guidelines” and TOS “terms of service.” They can control through ESG Standards your business. They can punish you by “deleting your account” or “banning you” if you do not follow their rules.

“Editorial guidelines” are much worse than any law a government might impose. This is because they are arbitrary in nature and give you no guarantees of legality.

As you understand this strategy double crosses governments and law makers. If the US President can be shoot down by Twitter and Facebook, they can shoot down you, too.

Solution: build your business and your individual life so that you do not need them to stand alone. That way they cannot shoot you down and you can tell them to get lost with their “editorial guidelines.”

You cannot fight this by legal action or by trust in the government. This is because such action becomes ineffective when you – yourself – give control to others.

You fight the “Great Reset” by making of everything you do independent from any instances. It is a good thing even if this means for you at a certain extent a relative financial loss.


Banks have no interest anymore in doing business with medium and small businesses. Period. Same thing regards even more individual citizens.

The only interest they may have is to lend money and wait for them to fall so that they can seize their properties.

You cannot think anymore of the bank as a “service.” As something meant to support your business. For example like it was the case with Deutsche Bank times ago. When you use a bank you are doing an investment. If you invest into something that can control you, you are a fool.

Solution: you must make yourself independent from banks as much as possible. You must run your business without needing a particular bank at all.

If you need a bank act as an investor. Spread your investments. Dump banks who try to use laws who make of them cooperate among each other too much and avoid competition. That has a name: it is a cartel. Then you are doing business with the Mafia. They will come for you.

If you are taking a big loan before creating real value you are a fool. When you own your real value yourself you are a wise person.

Doing that way you will destroy the “Great Reset” because the Great Reset will not survive the Law of the Market. The creation of a communist regime never succeeded before in history. Competition between interests and cultures itself will destroy over time the attempt. It is human nature.

Solution: do not let anyone control you and your business. In this situation even if you gain something now when you will hand control to others you will face huge losses.

Those losses will be much bigger than the ones you might have achieved.

If you do not believe us ask those who got those famous subprime loans. Read the story of before the famous financial crisis of the year 2008. Also have a broad look at the 2019 financial crisis. It is difficult to find information about but not impossible. We might call it the “ghost” financial crisis.

National, International, Cultural And Genetic Differences.

These guys are so narcissistic. They believe they can change thousands of years of history by forcing the process. They even believe they can change at will biology. Even more: they believe they could maintain those changes over time.

It is not going to happen.

When you are white and they “protect you” against black people.

When you are black and they “protect you” against white people.

When you are gay and are “given” freedom of being such openly.

When you are a mother who “is given” the freedom of raising a child without a father.

When you are a mother and “are given” the freedom of having an abortion.

When you are a father and you “are given” the freedom of raising a child without the mother.

When you are “given” the freedom of expressing your perversions.

Many things. You insert more…

What happens is that the Big Brother is manipulating you, your life and your identity.

The problem is not in the content, the problem is in the process. It is in the “they give you” your freedom.

You are that way groomed for slavery!

This is an attempt to control you by “granting” you freedom. Then they will take away that freedom, after they gained control over you.

You are not “given” freedom.

You conquer your freedom by yourself.

Stop thinking of freedom like something you are “given.” That way you destroy the so called “Great Reset.”


Again: by “giving” you something the giver can also gain control of your private sphere.

When a bank grants you a loan the bank also has the right of entering your private life and get control.

An insurance company grants you an insurance. Then it gets the right of entering your private life.

Before the pandemic this was not so much used as an abusive mean on such a large scale.

Now they use it in a shameless way by trying to enter your private life and get control on it.

The most vulnerable people to this manipulation are exactly the ones who they “give rights” to. They brainwash you. They do that by “human rights”, ”equality”, “racial rights.” They do that by “LGBT rights”, “Abortion Rights” and whatever other rights.

Those are very important issues, many of them justified on the human level but…

You, brainwashed millennials, do not notice how those are being used to control you. They control your mind like never before in history, you are ending up being a total idiot.

This is because you are lazy! This laziness will cost you your freedom if you do not wake up now!

Mind Control

A weapon used in this war is mind control, with the help of the virus. There are several ways your mind is being controlled.

Official media.

Official media has been a control tool also before. There is a big difference compared to now: before official media was not telling you what to do. Now they use it to tell you what to do. Before you were only reading what happens in the world and getting “information.”

Now they use official media to “direct” you into a certain direction.

You cannot anymore trust official media as a source of information. You need to use your brain and compare different forms of information. This will over time end due to the market law itself. The instigators of this change are trying to manipulate you to end competition.

They make a mistake: it is not possible to control competition too much. As an individual and a business, you can counteract this attempt. You can do that by making competition even fiercer. If you cannot do this on a more global scale you can do this on a more local scale. You fight the “Great Reset” by putting every instance to compete even more.

You do that by creating real value. Real value is your best friend. It is your strong argument.

If there is too much control on a global level, you can do that on the local level. You can win this war by creating independent micro-communities and independent local businesses.

When you deliver real value you are competitive. When you deliver real value and let someone else control it… you are an idiot.

Social Media.

Social Media is a wonderful example of how by “giving you” something they can manipulate you like a fool.

A recent Facebook “outage” showed this to all those fools who put their business to depend on it.

You need to own yourself and your business.

When you make your business dependent on a media service you do not own. When this service has a market monopoly, you can consider yourself a slave. Sooner or later you will face all the consequences of that.

Neutralizing Machiavelli

They bring forward the “Great Reset” by using a well-known Machiavellian strategy. It is the “Divide et Impera” – Divide and Rule – and it is working liked a well-oiled machine.

To fight the “Great Reset” you need to bury your war ax for a while. Realize that if you:

Are heterosexual and you fight against LGBT people or the opposite.

Are a woman and you fight against men or the opposite.

Are black and you fight against whites or the opposite.

Got the vaccine and fight non vaccinated people.

Did not get the vaccine and fight against vaccinated people

You are doing the “Great Reset” a huge favor.

It makes no sense anymore to belong to a social group and fight against another social group.

It makes no sense when all these groups are – all together – under control.

They will use divisions to control you and your business, because the enemy is not diversity. The enemy is when they put you to fight like lab rats one against each other. When they come to tell you how you should use your freedom and how you should run your business.

This way you fight the so called “Great Reset!”

The Team

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