Reactions to Covid vaccines: “Linked to the ADE phenomenon”

The response to the numerous immune reactions caused by anti-Covid vaccines may be there: it would all depend on having contracted the virus previously and having developed natural antibodies.

What is it about

This is what was claimed by Prof. Fabrizio Salvucci , Cardiologist Surgeon, Medical Director of Ticinello Cardiovascular & Metabolic, President of Athletic Pavia, President of Together Per Ruzira ONLUS. What is the excessive antibody response due to , is it the vaccines’ fault? “It has nothing to do with the AstraZeneca vaccine or Pfizer vaccine or whatever. We must be very attentive to the development of the ADE phenomenon. It is an inflammatory amplification of the antibody-derived response. So an inflammation due to antibodies increased exponentially, that is when there is reproduction of antibodies on a substrate that already has antibodies. In summary, if one has done Covid, even realizing it but above all the famous asymptomatic ones, it determines an amplification of the antibody response “, says Prof. a Dagospia .

What is Hades

Let’s start again in order: Ade is the acronym for Antibody-dependent Enhancement, which can be translated as โ€œ antibody-mediated intensification (of the infection).โ€ This phenomenon was discovered in 1977 by a virologist who was studying Dengue’s disease and has been also recognized for other viruses, including some of the coronavirus family. It is being observed that, if someone already has the “natural” antibodies as a result of Covid-19 infection, a vaccination could expose them to a greater risk of side effects for reasons clearly explained by Prof. Salvucci What is the solution to prevent this from happening?

“Serological before vaccine”

” Many professors, such as Prof. Maga (Pavia), Prof. Galli (Sacco di Milano) and many others are recommending to do the serological examination first. You must be sure that you have not had contact with the virus and that not have antibodies, otherwise there is a risk of the ADE phenomenon. The outcome of the quantitative serology must be carefully viewed by the doctor in case of positivity. Immunological dosages, scrupulously evaluated on the particular values โ€‹โ€‹of immunoglobulins “, specifies the expert. According to this thesis, therefore, the risk does not derive from the vaccines themselves but from the ” carelessness with which the vaccine is administered. We must be careful, as in all things, we must look if someone has already done Covid,”symptomatic or asymptomatic “.

The cases of Perugia

Prof. Salvucci tells the experience of a nurse from Perugia amazed by the number of people hospitalized following the anti-Covid vaccination. When asked the expert about why there was this phenomenon, the surgeon replied that it was the ” ADE phenomenon determined by superficial medical conduct. Let’s say that this phenomenon is becoming dramatic . I repeat: no fear of the vaccine, this is a reaction of all vaccines, you just have to be careful to be sure you do not already have the antibodies through the serological test “, reiterates the expert.

In short, the cardiologist’s advice is to carry out a serological examination before getting vaccinated, “a compulsory choice as well as an intelligent one and allows you to avoid most of the most violent reactions that the vaccine itself can cause. Indeed, in some laboratories they evaluate antibodies against the protein S1 and the S2 protein, that is the neutralizing antibodies that we have in our organism “. We will certainly talk about it again, especially when Prof., at the end of the interview, invited patients already infected by Covid not to get vaccinated and answer employers that they already have in ” my blood the specific antibodies produced by Covid-19,” I risk the ADE phenomenon and if they inject me with the vaccine I can die of a heart attack or embolism”.

The Director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic of the Genoa Hospital, Matteo Bassetti, speaking to ” Domenica In ” said that it is not necessary to do an examination ” but if you have had a recent infection the vaccine must be postponed later. certain and clear indication, also ministerial. To date, in fact, serology is not required to make the vaccine “.

“Data is missing”

In the absence of scientific evidence, this thesis may be right or still unanswered: in fact, as reported by Med4care , the risk of a Covid vaccine causing this effect is still unknown. ” At the moment there is no sufficient or convincing data that associates ADE for Sars-CoV-2 with humans. So far there has been only one observation of the phenomena in the laboratory, but experts agree that the experiments conducted in an artificial situation may not reflect what happens inside a complex organism , “the experts write.

Burioni’s criticism

Virologist Roberto Burioni, on the other hand, does not spare criticism, who with a post on Facebook heavily attacks those who have spread this ” nonsense that demonstrates only one thing: the total ignorance of those who wrote it and those who spread it “, referring to the speech ‘ADE and what a vaccination could cause in those who already have natural antibodies following the infection.