The Globalist “Russian Roulette.” Critics To Russian Vaccine. 3 Countries Suspend Astra Zeneca Vaccine For Allegedly Lethal Consequences.

Several media sources report this.

Christa Wirthumer-Hoche, the head of European Medicines Agency’s management board criticized Russian vaccine. Austria asked should they approve the vaccine.

Wirthumer-Hoche told the country’s ORF broadcaster: “It’s somewhat comparable to Russian roulette.”

Here the prompt Russian response.

We would say she would better focus more on the “Globalist Roulette.” We learned today that Denmark, Norway and Island suspended Astra Zeneca vaccinations.

There is a big reason to worry about why. Several cases of blood clots among vaccinated people. Blood clots (thrombi) can be life threatening, often in a short time.

Everyone knows that the globalist agenda does not like Putin’s Russia. This is because Russians do not agree to have their traditions and national identity destroyed.

Globalism cannot do that to them by the manipulative psychopathic means of deconstruction of their identity.

A study published on Lancet demonstrated that the Sputnik-V has an efficiency of 91.6%

There is otherwise a lot of good to say about Russian vaccine Sputnik V.

The Sputnik V vaccine uses a vector. It uses a quite common virus, an adenovirus. The developers first neutralize the carrier virus capability of replicating.

The adenovirus enters your cells without the ability of causing infection.

It carries the information necessary for your cells begin to build a response. Your cells begin to build the response to the coronavirus. Your cells begin to do that when confronted with the information presented by the deactivated adenovirus.

Instead, The Pfizer/Moderna vaccines insert into your body a genetic code, mRNA. This enters your cells and forces them to produce the immune response. The vaccine uses engineered RNA that writes instructions for certain tasks.

When we compared the two methods, we see a striking difference.

The Sputnik V “presents” to your cell the necessary information to elicit the response.

The Pfizer/Moderna vaccines enter your cells and “programs them” to give a response.

Which one of the two methods in your opinion raises more questions?

What about risks, dangers, ethical issues and possible abuses of the method?

You do not need to be a scientist to see the difference.

In the meanwhile, the law of market and fear of death are already turning globalists game against themselves.

Swiss-Italian company Adienne Pharma&Biotech located in North Italy begins to produce Sputnik-V. Not without facing political resistance.

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