The W.H.O Is Now A Corporation. Important Facts Revealed! Corporate Psychopaths At Work.

The W.H.O became a Corporation.       

It has financial interests in having member states impose lock downs. It has financial interests in selling medical products. It has financial interests in spreading fear.

The W.H.O can do it without the obligation of medical, scientific, and ethical guidelines!

This is the manipulation of W.H.O public image as a tool to build the fraud of the century.

This new information makes clear why they changed the definition of pandemic in 2009.

German Lawyer Reiner Fuellmich is the leader of a Class Action Lawsuit. He is a hero. He works with his team at Germany’s Extra-Parliamentary Coronavirus Investigative Commission. His background connects with legal action against corporate crimes.

As part of the lawsuit, he and his team are interviewing experts working in several expertise areas. This is common practice in lawsuits, with the goal of identifying the facts.

An interview done by his team reveals especially important facts.

Reiner interviewed Dr. Astrid Stückelberger. She is an international health scientist conducting and directing research. She has been doing and does research from clinical to epidemiological on to science for policymakers.

She has 25 years of experience in the field.

She has a large experience of working and collaborating with W.H.O. Her research was more and more connected with political decisions.

At a certain point, the politicians began to ask her to do events. Then she got involved in public health.

She began to teach international health regulation. It has the goal of preparing countries and member states to prevent a pandemic. The goal is to prepare them to act fast to prevent them.

Then they stopped the funding. She felt this already as a red flag. Further she began to teach this topic at the University of Geneva.

Then there was an even bigger red flag.

W.H.O lawyer Bruce Plotkin came to tell her that she cannot teach this topic. This was a huge red flag. In fact, since 2008 the W.H.0 wanted to implement the international health regulation!

She works in Switzerland and many facts connect to Switzerland.

She says that the NGO GABI, the Global Alliance For Vaccine that has office in Geneva and Washington DC has total immunity in Switzerland! The main founder is Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Total immunity means that there can be no investigation, police cannot do a search. Dr. Stückelberger says she has the papers demonstrating this.

And there is more! There are the following important points.

1. There is an obligation in the W.H.O constitution signed by the member states. This is embedded in the constitution of the W.H.0.

Some member states either are not good in reading the “fine print” of the constitution or they have their interests in place.

In a nutshell, W.H.O member states are bound by whatever rules and restrictions the WHO decides to impose in the name of “public health.”

She says this obligation is binding.

The third edition of the constitution entered in force in 2016. We could not find this third edition and we will keep trying.

Anyway, this changed the structure of W.H.O into that of a Corporation.

The fraud aspect is the use of the public image the population has of W.H.O. People have been trusting the W.H.O for ages.

It is little bit like being a believer, going to church and having priests over time sell you mobile phones. With the difference that those phones are not going to send you to the intensive care.

It would take time before you realize what is going on.

She says that these changes made of Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus in practice the CEO of a corporation. The binding obligation gives him the power of selling vaccines, CPR tests or whatever.

There are two exceptions: the USA and Iran made reservations to that obligation! They are really good in reading fine prints.

We understand from Dr. Stückelberger words this:

The director general can decide to sell vaccines, PCR-tests, whatever in the name of “public health”. He can do that widely under the new definition of “pandemic.”

He can do that and do not care about ethical, medical, clinical and scientific evidence. This explains also why it was possible to sell widely PCR-tests in spite of their dubious scientific validity for clinical diagnosis.

Question: who controls W.H.O adherence to medical, clinical, scientific and ethical guidelines?

Dr. Stückelberger has dealt with ethical topics for all her career. She is a very accredited source.

It is obvious why the red flag came to the surface in the matter of seconds when they told her that she cannot teach exactly what they wanted to develop.

The lawyer made a mistake: he implied there was a cover up going on.

The W.H.O is not anymore a health organization. It is a corporation. A business.

2. The psychopathic megalomania starts here.

Dr. Stückelberger says that Bill Gates requested in 2017 of becoming a MEMBER STATE of W.H.O.

Yes, we are not joking. You are not reading impaired.

Bill Gates would be a “member state” of W.H.O and sit in the executive board. They even went to vote for that!

She says that this was “non-officially” accepted by the W.H.O. This non-official attitude requires more research.

Of course: the smell of the money and the evident impossibility of making of one man a “member state.”

What a terrible conflict!

Anyway, Bill Gates has total immunity in Switzerland. She says that Bill Gates has done contracts with every member state.

She then asks the crucial question: why W.H.O would sign a contract with a country?

This is what a corporation does!

At this stage we checked one country on this one. There is the contract with that country. Next in our investigation we will investigate the contracts allegedly made with many other countries.

Dr. Stückelberger is sure that all the member states signed similar contracts.

3. The taxation part was also taken care of. GAVI has not taxes to pay.

4. They have diplomatic immunity and they do not pay taxes since 2009. Interestingly W.H.O changed the definition of pandemic in 2009!

5. The definition of pandemic was so far:

It is a worldwide disease.

There is an abnormally high number of very sick people

There is an enormously high number of deaths.

6. The new definitions cuts of the last two. The only requirement is that we have a “worldwide disease.”

Next step will be doing research on was the pandemic planned. It will be difficult to prove that. Our Team will continue checking gain of function experiments.

An increasing number of factors indicates more and more that the “prediction” of the pandemic was following one of the most important rules of marketing.

Create a need. Sell the solution.

Member states must break the contracts with the W.H.O. They must create national vaccines and national prevention plans. They must take their destiny in their own hands.

Health issues must be ethical and under the control of national governments, not corporations!

All those who all these years wanted to kiss up to materialistic values now are getting what they were looking for.

The video of the interview below the article. We have the video in our archive.

If YouTube censors the video, we can put it back. Send us a comment if they censor the interview.

The Team

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