Vaccination Rush. Inducing Fear And Rush For Commercial Profit? Antibody-dependent Enhancement (ADE) and Vaccines.

There are several recent reports of adverse reactions and deaths due to vaccines. Recent reports connect to Astra Zeneca. An Italian cardiologist, Dr. Fabrizio Salvucci, thinks it is not about Astra Zeneca only.

The official narrative is: if you are positive to PCR test you can infect other people. If you are positive to PCR test you have Covid-19.

One of the most important Italian newspapers, Il Giornale, reports that fatalities could be due to ADE. It might be a risk with every vaccine used. This risk with vaccines has been known already for long.

What is Antibody-dependent Enhancement? (ADE).

In normal conditions your antibodies try to stop viruses from entering your cells. A major goal of your antibodies is to bind to the pathogen and prevent it from infecting your cell.

In ADE things can go wrong. ADE can make even worse the inflammatory response caused by the virus. It is a situation where antibodies even make the infection caused by the virus “more strong.” They in a way begin to help and enhance the pathological response.

More about ADE in the article below. Below also Italian newspaper’s article and raw English translation.

We know about ADE already since 1977. So far ADE has been a reason for withdrawing a vaccine from the market. A part of III level vaccine trials is to exclude or at least prevent ADE.

Below an article about informed consent to vaccine trials about the risk for ADE.

For example they took out of the market a vaccine for RSV, a virus causing pediatric infection. This was because of the development of ADE with fatal consequences.

Dr. Fabrizio Salvucci says it is not about Astra Zeneca, or Pfizer or other vaccine.

The risk as we know since 1997 is with all the vaccines and there is more, in a broader sense.

He says that ADE happens when the individual already has “natural antibodies.”

Of course the actual narrative is: if the person got Covid-19 this person has already antibodies.

Cognitive dissonance used as a manipulation tool because: what about natural immunity to Covid-19 in absence of symptoms?

What about the natural response of the immune system to the spike protein induced by the mRNA vaccine?

Would the immune system respond to that with an enhancement of the immune response and bring to ADE?

If so there are big reasons to worry.

Dr. Salvucci suggests that a serologic examination before the vaccination should take place.

It makes a lot of sense: detecting level of antibodies before giving the vaccine. He is a clinician. He sees this from a practical point of view.

This brings on the table many questions:

1. Natural immunity was not taken in account when the fear inducing process began. It is clear that without natural immunity there would have been far bigger disaster. If we compare to what HIV does to the immune system we can see the difference with Covid-19.

2. The PCR test detects the presence of the genetic material of the virus. It is still unclear how specific is the test in excluding other viruses. This caused miscalculations, with severe consequences on people’s life and economy. It is up to the law to define was this unintentional or done in purpose for financial interests. Both options have inside legal consequences.

3. What about the scientists who helped the politicians to make decisions. Did they take into account the presence of natural immunity? How they took into account differential diagnosis between positivity and infectiousness?

4. Where the vaccines introduced into the market tested for the possibility of ADE? How financial interests influenced the decisions? Was the rush in developing the vaccines justified so much to avoid proper trials?

Was the risk for ADE ruled out in vaccine trials?

The enhanced response to the disease can worsen the condition. It can cause severe organ failures and/or death.

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About ADE

ADE as a reason for vaccine severe side effects and deaths?

Raw English Translation:

Disclosure of ADE To Participants To Vaccine Trials

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